"Goats and Raisins" - a short story by Sandra Contreras

Author’s foreword
I wrote this short story when I was in high school, just for fun. I recently re-discovered it among my files and decided to read it, and I realized how funny this story actually is. I’m no writer or anything, so I was surprised at how well I worded this story, it made me laugh even though I’m the author. So I decided to save it, make a few grammatical corrections here and there, and share it with a few friends just to give them a laugh.

So if you’re reading this, thank you for taking the time to read it, I promise it’ll be worth your time. This story is based on true events from a field trip experience I had when I was in eight grade. Enjoy.

Today is the day.

The day the third graders have been looking forward to. The day they packed lots of chocolate-chip cookies into their backpacks. The day they finally get to seek new knowledge in the outside world.
Today… is fieldtrip day!

If you didn’t know they were on a fieldtrip, you would think a bunch of kids had won the lottery. The third graders were all jumping with joy and excitement, running around and shouting about. Why? Because what’s special about this fieldtrip is that they would be going to not one, but two places. So they were expected to be back at the school in the late afternoon. Exciting huh? Now and then a kid would ask one of the teachers in charge on when they were leaving, and every time it’s the same answer. Eight thirty. The teacher looked at her watch, eight twenty. Ten minutes to go.

After leading the kids in and out of the toilets, making a few last minute preparations, it was finally time to go. The kids happily boarded the bus with two teachers to keep an eye on them, while the rest boarded a van. After a few seconds the bus took off, and they were on the road. First stop, the dairy milk farm.

Kids who love milk were one thing, but kids who love milk and were heading to a milk farm full of real live cows was a whole other. As soon as the doors flew open, the kids eagerly poured off the bus and rushed to where a man was standing in front of a gate. The two teachers who were supposed to lead the kids just stood there dumbfounded. Those kids sure do have a lot of energy today. The rest of the teachers arrived and they went to join the kids. When everyone was already inside the farm, the bus driver pulled down his hat and fell asleep. He had no interest in seeking knowledge from cows whatsoever.

The man, who the kids greeted, was the owner of the farm and started to explain what the kids will be doing that day. Of course, milking the cows was one of them and the children popped out their questions.
“Can we really milk the cows?”
“How many do you have?”
“Can we drink the milk?”
“Do cows poop?”
Mr. Owner laughed. “Boy, you kids sure do have a lot of energy, after we have a full tour of the farm, then we can milk the cows”
The kids cheered happily. The owner had them board a long golf car with a tractor leading it and soon they were touring the farm.

The kids had a lot of fun, they found out that not only did the farm have cows, they had all sorts of animals. Rabbits, horses, chickens, sheep, the kids enjoyed feeding the animals. And after having being treated with chocolate milk bars, it was time to get to milking.

When they got to the cow stalls, Mr. Owner and two other people brought out some milking equipment and a bucket. Then he began to show the kids how to milk.
“All you have to do is squeeze, and pull. It’s pretty easy but you have to be gentle while you’re at it. Now everyone form a line!”
Soon the kids formed a long line, and while waiting for their turn, the kids started chattering endlessly and some continued to eat their milk bars. After a few minutes, seven people by far had already milk a cow. With Mr. Owner to help, it wasn’t really hard, and everyone was enjoying their time, until when it happened.

A few kids were talking when they heard a splattering sound. A sound like liquid hitting a solid surface, and it sounded near. When they turned to where the sound came from, their jaws immediately dropped.
The cows, they were pooping!

The kids continued to stare in horror as two more cows started to poop. The teachers, noticing the scene, pulled the children away from the pooping cows. But that didn’t solve the problem. One kid, who was among the kids being pulled back, noticed he had brown stains on his arms. The poor boy didn’t know that it came from his melting chocolate bar and instantly, he started screaming.

He started running off to the other kids, wiping his arm on them, and soon the other kids started to run about, screaming and wiping their arms on each other. It was chaos.
Everything was so out of control. The teachers tried seizing the kids, trying to calm them, but it wasn’t much help. More and more kids got ‘cow poop’ on their bodies and soon everyone was running about the place. As for the cows, they continued their business. After several exhausting minutes, the teachers were finally able to round up the children and calm them down. To get the kids out of the situation, Mr. Owner decided to lead the kids to a projector room where they would watch a movie about how milk was manufactured. After they clean up in the toilets of course.

After half an hour, the kids came out of the projector room, beaming. They had enjoyed the movie and completely forgot about what happened half an hour ago. They were pretty relieved to board the bus and head to their next destination. Mr. Owner waved them goodbye as the bus went out the main entrance and on to the road. Next stop, the goat farm.

A lot of you probably don’t know this but there is such a thing as goat milk. That’s what the kids learned at the goat farm. Well, at least they did, because again, another chaotic scene emerged.

It all started when the kids were touring the goat house, looking at goats (of course, duh). While walking their way through the house, the kids noticed that there were little black balls scattered everywhere on the floor. Seeing a couple of goats eating them, they thought it was the goats’ food. Someone suggested that it was raisins, just a little larger (well, they looked like raisins).
Some kids started playing with the large raisins, kicking it to the goats, which ate them. Suddenly, someone yelled “hey! a goat’s pooping!” Automatically, everyone ran to see the pooping goat. After the cow poop controversy, they figured a goat’s poop wouldn’t be much of a sight. But it was.

The goat’s ‘poop’ was actually tons of little black balls that looked like raisins, not the long liquidly one like the cows’. The kids, however, stared in horror as they now realized what the little black balls they had been stepping on really are. After the goat finished its business, well, you probably guessed what happened.
The kids started running and screaming, looking for the exit. The goats jerked in surprised at the sudden outburst and ran to the corners of their stalls. The exhausted teachers had to run around, trying to seize the kids, again. But this time, it was no help. Everyone just kept on running and screaming. The teachers were helpless. It was a good thing that goat poop was hard and solid, not the type that would squish the moment you stepped on them. But still, it was disgusting. And the fact that it looked like raisins made it even more disgusting. The goats, which were watching the scene from their stalls, were completely confused as to what was happening. But then again, they’re goats.

As though a miracle had happened, one of the teachers found the exit and soon the kids were pouring out, screaming as they ran to the bus. Other visitors had to stop and look as more screaming kids ran about, rubbing their feet furiously on rugs before boarding their bus. When everyone was finally on board, they were all exhausted from running and screaming and fell asleep right away as soon as their butts hit their seats. The bus and the teachers’ van finally left the farm, leaving nothing but a herd of confused goats.

When they reached the school, the kids got off the bus and ran to their waiting parents. Everyone was thrilled to be going home, after a really exhausting day. As for the teachers, all they could think of was their comfy warm beds waiting for them at home. The day ended with a bunch of tired third graders, energy-drained teachers and a herd of goats which were still confused of today’s event.

The next day, the principal got numerous calls from the third graders’ parents, asking what had happened at the field trip yesterday. Seeing how tired their kids were and aware of where they went, the parents decided to treat them with a warm glass of fresh cow milk and honey-coated cornflakes mixed with raisins for a snack. After one look, the kids started screaming and ran up to their rooms. The next day they were too sick to go to school. The principal then delivered the astonishing news to the teachers. They were pretty surprised. As much as they were concerned about their students, the teachers were relieved that they didn’t show up. Because after yesterday’s chaos, they needed more than just a night’s rest.
And so did the goats.



[fic]The Blood Countess

Title: The Blood Countess

Pairings: SuperJunior/Shinee

Chapter: 5/?


Summary: SuJu and Shinee are spending their vacation in the legendary “Castle Csejthe” which was ounce a finishing school for girls run by the blood-thirsty 17th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory,during their stay they learned the dark secrets behind the twisted witch and her horrifying history and realize they’re in for a spooky adventure.

Author’s note: its been a looooong time since I’ve been in LJ,sorry but I was really busy about skool n everything,this was inspired by that ghost story about this countess and just thought I’de try doing a horror series. If u want to avoid having nightmares I suggest not reading this and I hope u’ll enjoy this ^^

WARNING: Elizabeth Bathory and Castle Csejthe is a true story,which means it existed before so please respect the story and don’t think too much about it. You can find more information in Google





Chapter 5

The killing begins



The SHINee members were gathered at the kitchen the next morning making some breakfast. As Key was making his coffee Taemin leaned in and whispered in Chinese “hyung”.

Key looked back, surprised but replied in the same language “what?”

“I think Ryeowook hyung is up to something”

“what do you mean?”

“I mean look at how weird he has been acting, don’t you suspect anything?”

“well he has been a little off but I’m sure it’s just one of those unicorn dreams he’s been having”

“are you guys talking in Chinese?” Onew cut in, in Chinese.

“yeah we’re talking in Chinese” Key replied and was about to continue his conversation with Taemin when Onew cut in again.

“why are you talking in Chinese when we could just talk in Korean?” Key looked back, annoyed.

“just shut the hell up and talk in Chinese” Onew looked awkward but nodded plainly.

“so, what are you guys talking about?” Taemin leaned whispered to Onew.

“we’re talking about Ryeowook hyung, he’s been acting weird lately, have you noticed hyung?”

Onew nodded “yeah I’ve notice, but I’m sure it’s the unicorn dreams that’s bugging him” Taemin sighed “why does everyone say it’s the unicorn dreams? What the heck is a unicorn dream anyway?”

“Taemin, don’t say heck” Key scolded

“you can say it”

“because I’m old enough”

“oh, so you finally admit that your old” Onew joked

“I don’t mean it that way you jerk” Key glared at Onew

“hey, you guys are talking in Chinese” Jonghyun announced, in Chinese

“really? Is there something going on? Why Chinese?” Minho joined, also in Chinese

Key glared at them “I don’t know why we’re talking in Chinese, we just started in Chinese so if you want to be part of the damn conversation just talk in Chinese”

“well what’s going then?” Minho asked

“what do you mean?”

“well if we’re talking in Chinese it’s obvious something’s going on so what is it?”

“nothing is going on, is it wrong to just to speak in Chinese?”

“well how am I supposed to know? every time something happens we always speak in Chinese”

“uh...hyung? remind me why we are speaking in Chinese again?” Taemin asked

“why are you guys speaking in Chinese?” Shindong came into the kitchen


Everyone stared. What’s wrong with him?

Shindong look awkward, “okay okay, calm down I was just asking…” his voice trailed off at the sight of chocolate pudding in the fridge. Sungmin did mention a surprise for him in the fridge, was it the chocolate pudding he meant? Whatever, he’s eating it anyway. Key stared at Shindong in disgust, then he turned back to his fellow members.

“okay…where were we? Ah shit now I can’t remember just because of you guys!!”

“me? Why does it always have to be me? Why can’t it be you?”


“why do I hear fighting on a beautiful day like this?”

Every turned to look at the second Super Junior member to walk into the kitchen, though Heechul wasn’t here to look for food, instead he came to see what was all the racket going on in the kitchen that had disturbed his beauty sleep, but he kept the feelings inside. For now.

Taemin lighted up at the sight of the beauty king, “good morning hyung, what are you doing up so early? I though you wouldn’t be up till 10:00 am?”

“well, I just thought a slight change wouldn’t hurt” Heechul said through gritted teeth, which, Onew saw wasn’t a good sign.

“oh,okay…hyung? Have you noticed anything strange in Ryeowook hyung’s behaviour?”

Heechul thought for a moment “hmm…yeah I have noticed him acting weird lately”

“like last night when he just suddenly dismiss himself from group meeting?” Minho asked.

“yeah, like that! He seems to be act as though he knows this Elizabeth chick,whatever her name is?” Taemin pointed out,innocent eyes

“oh ma gah~Taeminnie you are so cute like making a face like that~” Heechul went over started squeezing Taemin’s cheek, to Minho’s dismay

“ngh~yung zop zweezing ma sheeks~~”

“but your so cute~”

“stop squeezing his cheeks hyung”

Everyone looked at Minho, “ooh” they went. Heechul simply smirked, “didn’t know you could be jealous” and released Taemin’s cheeks at ounce, he mouthed a ‘thank you’ to Minho. Minho winked. Taemin blushed. What’s with these lovers?

“ ugh this is so pathetic to watch, I think im just going to take a walk outside in the grounds” Key said in disgust and walked out o the kitchen after sending a glare at Jonghyun who said “ be careful of Ryeowook hyung then! Who knows he could kill you with a sound of his voice? Haha..” “ fyu know fwat, I fink I fill fake a fwalk foo”  Shindong before walking out of the kitchen as well, chewing the chocolate pudding happily in his mouth.


Zhoumi doesn’t really remember how long he has been sitting on his bed. He was so worried and scared that he really had no strength to do anything at all. ‘ we need to get out of here’ he thought. He had the feeling that the others didn’t really believe their story in the torture dungeons. ‘but we have evidence, there were 7 of us down there, that’s enough people to convince the others ’ Zhoumi shook his head. Whether the others will like or not, he is going to find a way out of here. And fast.


Shindong was so busy eating his delicious chocolate pudding that he was not aware he had wondered to most deserted part of the castle. It was the tower where Elizabeth was originally buried alive. Though Shindong , busy with his snack, didn’t notice that until he had climb to the top of the tower and into Elizabeth’s bedroom. “ woah… this is one nasty place!” Shindong went to over the dusty table and closet, filled with large cobwebs. Shindong was looking at the ancient closet with wonder when something caught his eye. He went to the bed, it had thin sheets that you could look through as it’s hangings, and behind it lying on the bed, was a body .

Shindong hesitated before drawing back the hangings, there on the bed was a body of a very attractive woman, probably in her 40s. no doubt this is the body of Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Shindong was so shocked that he didn’t here the door behind creaked open. And before he could turn around, there was a sound of a knife slashing flesh. Blood was splattered all over the room and Shindong fell to the floor. His throat cut so deep that the blood flowed out endlessly. The last remaining piece of chocolate pudding still clutched by his hand


finally!!chpt 5 is done!! i am so sorry ppl for being absent for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS!!!! i went back to the Philippines for two weeks and when i came back here, i had to catch up with the work i missed from skool, plus there was a prob with my net so i couldn't in the internet for two days,,i hope no one forgot this fanfic,,i miss LJ!!!!its feels great to be back!!!! =)

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Title: 5 things that happen when Heechul watches Sweeney Todd

Author: sweetmagnae

Characters: SuJu members ,Heechul main

Genre: humour, crack

Summary: Heechul became addicted to the movie “Sweeney Todd”,now look what happens.

Shindong thought that it was a good idea if Heechul would be addicted to something other then the Wonder Girls because he and the rest of the members really can’t stand listening to him singing “Nobody” at the top of his lungs everyday,so he advise him to watch one of his favorite movies.

“it’s a really good movie hyung,watch it” Heechul looked at the DVD in his hand. ‘Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of Fleet Street’ Heechul looked at Shindong, “are you sure?” “ ’course I’m sure hyung,look,it won two Oscar awards” Heechul looked at Shindong again “you’d better be right about this” Shindong smiled,he knew he was going to like, I mean ,this movie has been a hit!

But now,Shindong regretted letting Heechul watch it,why? Look at what happen:


“these are my friends ,see how they glisten, see this one shine how he smiles in the light ,my friends~ my faithful friends~ ,speak to me friend ,whisper I’ll listen

I know I know ,you’ve been locked out of sight all these years~ like me my friend~ well I’ve come home~ to find you waiting-” “Heechul! What the hell are you doing with my knives?!” Heechul turned to look at Hankyung who was standing at the door of their shared room.

“Hannie! Do you mind? I’m having a very important conversation with my friends!”

“Heechul, those are knives ,my knives now give them back!”

“ but we don’t have shaving knives so I had to get something in replacement ,now will you excuse us, me and my friends have some business to do” Heechul closed the door and locked it ,leaving a very confuse and furious Hankyung outside.



Hankyung sighed, “great, how the hell am I going to cook dinner now?!”



Everyone ran to where the scream came from and found a sobbing Sungmin on the floor ,clutching what seems to be the remains of his doll to his chest.

“Sungminnie ,what happened?” Sungmin looked up at Kyuhyun and it really broke Kyuhyun’s heart when he saw his poor hyung’s red puffy eyes.

“w-who? Kyuhyunnie , w-who w-would do something s-so horrible like this t-to me?”

Kyuhyun took the doll from Sungmin’s arms and indeed it was a terrible sight for the doll was no longer a doll since both its arms and legs are missing, it’s throat seems to be cut open and it’s mouth was covered with shaving cream? What the hell?

Kyuhyun looked at the others in the room, “who thinks they have the right to do this to my Sungminnie , WHO?!”

“Kyuhyun ,calm down, we’ll have a group meeting tonight we’ll try to find out who did it okay?” Kyuhyun nodded and he took Sungmin to the toilet to clean up his face.

“okay guys , the reason why I called this meeting group is because- where the hell is Heechul?” Leeteuk looked at Hankyung for an answer but he shook his head “ I dunno too, I haven’t seen him today” Leeteuk sighed.

“well has anyone see Heechul today?” Ryeowook raised his hand.

“when Ryeowook?”

“well the last time I saw him ,he was picking cotton off his knife and there was shaving cream on his hand”

“ shaving cream on his hand? wasn’t there shaving cream on Sungmin’s doll?”


Heechul shouted from the bathroom where he was cleaning his knife.



“good morning everyone” the rest of the members who were having breakfast in the kitchen all stop to stare at Heechul who had just walked in.

“Heechul! What the hell did you do to yourself?!” Leeteuk shouted at Heechul ,who had redone his hair to a more drug-addict like style and was wearing what seems to be 19th century cloths.

“but Teukie ,this is my Sweeney look, I can’t be Sweeney if I don’t look like him”


“ hyung, is that paint on your hair?” Henry asked, looking at the part of Heechul’s hair where it’s white.


“fine…” Heechul walked defeatedly out of the kitchen, where Kangin was trying to calm an outraged Leeteuk down.

“ calm down Teukie, he already went to wash his face”



“ KANGIN!!!!”

“ what is it Teukie?”

Leeteuk pointed to the kitchen and said “someone messed up the kitchen!”

The both of them went to the kitchen and indeed it was not a clean sight for there was flour everywhere. So Kangin called the two cooks of Super Junior to the kitchen. By the time Hankyung and Ryeowook arrived they were shocked to see the kitchen in such a mess. Kangin questioned them.

“did you two did this?” both men shook their heads

“ no I didn’t, I every time I use the kitchen I always clean it afterwards”

“ me too hyung”

“ well who could’ve done this?”

“ no idea” Kangin sighed, then everyone jumped when they heard a shout.


It seems to be Henry’s voice, so they all went to the living room where Henry and the rest of the members (Heechul is gone as usual) were staring at something on Henry’s hand.

“Henry, what it is?” when Henry saw the four members arrived he quickly ran to them and put something on Leeteuk’s hand.

“ hyung, look at what I found at the door step” Leeteuk looked down on his hand and saw what looked like a really messed up pie.

“ do you think it’s real?”

“ well there’s only one way to find out, one of us will have to eat” everyone made a face at the statement.

“ eew~no way!”

“ with a color like that? Forget it!”

“ wait! Why don’t we see what the stuffing is, then we’ll know if it’s real or not”

Everyone agreed to this statement, Kangin nodded

“ looks real to me but I’ll take the try” so he tear open the pie and took something soft. He couldn’t make it clearly what it was but when he put it under the light, how the hell did that go in there?!

“ is that? A doll’s arm?”

“ that looks like my doll’s missing arm!” Sungmin squeaked


Heechul sighed , seriously don’t these people have any imagination?


“Heechul has been doing weird things lately” Yesung agreed to Zhoumi’s saying

“yeah, really weird”

“ and what’s with all this Sweeney Todd thing anyway? I mean I know the movie but , I didn’t know Heechul watched it?”

Kangin growled “ I really want to know the idiot who advised Heechul to watch that damn movie!!”

Shindong uneasily raised his hand “ hyung, it was me”

Everyone stared at Shindong , shocked.

“ Shindong! Why did you advise him to watch it?!”

“ well, I thought it would be a good idea to have Heechul addicted to something other then the Wonder Girls because I really don’t wanna hear him singing Nobody over and over again”

“ well him singing Nobody was better than this”

“ I know, that’s why I regret it so much”

Kangin sighed, what was he gonna do now? Then suddenly, his and Leetuek’s phone rang and he was serprised to find the SHINee’s leader calling him.

“ yoboseyo?”

“ Kangin hyung?”

“ Onew? What is it?”

“ hyung, has Heechul hyung been doing weird things lately?”

“yeah, a lot, why?”

“ well, Heechul hyung kind of drop some kind of a pie on our doorstep and right now Taemin just fainted because the stuffing was a doll’s arm” Onew looked worriedly at his magnae laying unconsciously on the floor with Minho fanning him while Key and Jonghyun were getting rid of the pie Heechul had sent them.

“WHAT?! Don’t worry Onew, I’ll deal with Heechul for you”

“thx hyung”

When Kangin got off the phone, Leeteuk said to him

“Kangin, that was Taeyon on the phone and she said that Heechul had sent them pies stuffed with doll remains and that Sunny and Tiffany fainted when they saw them”

“ WHAT?! I just got off the phone with Onew and he said that Heechul sent them pies stuffed with dolls arm and Taemin fainted!”

“ Kangin ,this is going to far, what are we going to do with him?”



“ HEECHUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


hehe, again like flower face(a fic i updated days ago can find in the same tag),i thought about this when i was taking a bath,,Sweeney Todd is one of ma fav movies so this fic came right in my mind,,hope u guys enjoyed and comments are appreciated

[fic]flower face

Title: why flower face guys isn’t perfectly handsome


Characters: SuJu ,little HanChul at the end
Genre: crack
Summary: everyone wonders why Heechul can be pretty sometimes,Kibum has their answer.

Kangin walked into the living room where all the other members except Heechul were watching some soup drama on the TV. “Hey you guys,I got a question” everyone turned to Kangin. “what?”

“have you noticed that Heechul can really be pretty as a girl sometimes” everyone rolled their eyes and Kyuhyun replied simply “duh,of course we know because of all those make up he has in his closet”

“and how he’s always chosen to dress up as a girl” Sungmin added

“and also-” “I know all that,what I’m trying to ask is,why do you think he can look pretty like that?” there was silence. Until Shindong spoke up “gee,I dunno,I never actullay tought about thinking that I knew but now that you asked,well…” Kangin looked at the others but they shook their heads. Leeteuk then said “what brought you to talk about this anyway Kangin,you never paid attention to any of these things before?” “I was just looking through our old pictures and I’m just kind of curious,you know” everyone nodded,then Leeteuk asked “well,can anyone think of a solution?” “I think I know the answer” everyone turned to Kibum,who wasn’t really paying attention at first. “you do?” Kangin asked and Kibum nodded “well,what do you think?” everyone listened carefully as Kibum explain “well you see, the reason why Heechul is pretty is because he has a flower face” everyone was confused “a flower face?what’s that?” Kibum replied “a flower face is the name of a type of face that gives the ability for a guy to be both pretty and handsome at sometimes” “and Heechul has that?” “yes,cuz as you see,Heechul hyung can be sometimes be handsome and sometimes be pretty” “oh~” everyone said at Kibum’s explanation,”so no wonder he’s so popular,he’s both handsome and pretty” Kangin said nodding now that he finally understands, then Yesung spoke up “I never thought I’de say this but don’t you think it would be great if we had a flower face?you know considering how popular Heechul is because of that,maybe it would probably be good if we had one too…” everyone nodded but then Kibum said “ah but wait,I haven’t told you the benefits did I?” “everyone shook their heads,Kibum smiled and explain again “you see,a guy with a flower face isn’t completely handsome due to sometimes how he can look pretty, so which means Heechul hyung is handsome but not 100% because he can sometimes be beautiful like a girl,unlike us,who are 100% complete handsome because we don’t look like girls” “oh~” now it was everyone’s turned to smile because now their realize how lucky their were to not have a flower face. “so you see,even though flower face guys can be very popular,we’re the ones attracting more girls” Kibum smirk and everyone had to agree with him. “I get it,so that means I’m more of a ladies men than Heechul,well only that just made my day-Hankyung,where are you going?” Hankyung stopped at his tracks and turn to Kangin “uh,just..goin to pop in the kitchen for a minuit” “oh ok” then Hankyung left the living room.


“Hannie?what do you want?” Hankyung smiled as he wrapped his arms aroung his Hechul’s waist “Chullie,do you think I’m handsome?” “of course I do,in fact I think you’re the most handsome guy in the world if I don’t count Johnny Depp” Hankyung laughed as he pulled Heechul into their shared room and locked the door.


lol,i dunno how i tought of that,i was just innocently replaying the scene when SHINee on skool of rock dressed as skool girls and thought of why Onew n Jonghyun dodn't look like girls when the other three almost convinced me that they were girls!!lol then i came up with this,,comments plz>< thx



[fic]The Blood Countess

Title: The Blood Countess

Pairings: SuperJunior/Shinee

Chapter: 4/?

Rating:PG13 (it might give u nightmares)

Summary: SuJu and Shinee are spending their vacation in the legendary “Castle Csejthe” which was ounce a finishing school for girls run by the blood-thirsty 17th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory,during their stay they learned the dark secrets behind the twisted witch and her horrifying history and realize they’re in for a spooky adventure.

Author’s note: its been a looooong time since I’ve been in LJ,sorry but I was really busy about skool n everything,this was inspired by that ghost story about this countess and just thought I’de try doing a horror series. If u want to avoid having nightmares I suggest not reading this and I hope u’ll enjoy this ^^

WARNING: Elizabeth Bathory and Castle Csejthe is a true story,which means it existed before so please respect the story and don’t think too much about it. You can find more information in Google.



Chapter 4

I am Countess Elizabeth


They all froze to their spot,they wanted to escape but was too afraid to even move a muscle. They watched as the certain presence circled around them,scanning their figures. Blood dripping from the edges of her long fingernails. Zhoumi watched her as she moved and frightengly ,found that he could see through her. All of them were completely surrounded by the countess’s young girl victims and the countess herself so there was really no way for them to escape and that made the countess even happier. She nodded before saying “yes, perfect finally after years of searching I have finally found the best group of men for the ritual” Key’s eyes widened at the word “ritual” so he spoke out  “what ritual?and what do you mean the best group of men?”. The countess laughed before answering “why the ritual of receiving my life back,you see I found in one of my books of rituals that in order to have my human life back,I must have 20 different drops of blood,each drop from the finest men to have ever lived and mix them with the juice of mortality which means that not only will I get my life back,but mortal life comes with it” at this she laughed with satisfaction.

‘7 different drops of blood,each drop from the finest men’ Zhoumi looked at his friends. ‘me and the guys...that makes…20!!! Oh no and we’re even fine good-looking men too!!,we’re going to be part of a ritual,we can’t let her take our blood,or she’ll be killing uncontrollably and no one can stop her!!’ they needed an escape plan and Zhoumi was looking around for one and when he saw a water hose laying on the ground not far from him,he had an idea.

“yah! You mean that your going to use us in a ritual just to bring you back to life? Why your even worse than my mother! Even though she makes me do most of house choirs and keeps on bugging me about my homework she would never do this to me!!” Henry snapped at the countess who,bewildered,snapped back “oh shut up would you? I’m countess Elizabeth for gods sake not your stupid,old mother you bitter little troll,of course she won’t do that to you because she’s not me you idiot!” “stupid,old mother? Hey,that’s a good one-no wait! You can’t call my mother like that! How dare you call my mother old when you’re even older than her for like,a hundred years!” at that Elizabeth’s face came red with embarrassment and some of the servant girls were giggling while some put the thumbs up for Henry who smiled back at them and tried act as cool as he could. As for the other guys,well,they burst out laughing and clapping Henry on the back. Seeing all this distraction Zhoumi quickly took this chance by running to turn on the water hose and soon he was spraying water at the girls and Elizabeht who was screaming for she hated water,Zhoumi shouted to the other guys “hurry!get behind my back and when I say run,run back up the stairs that we came from and wait for me outside ok?” “up the stairs?do you even know how long that stair is?” “RUN!!” they all ran back up the stairs as quickly as they could,Elizabeth saw them she shouted to her girls “girls they escaping!” but before they could go any further Zhoumi turned the water to its strongest level and was able to knock down all of girls and then he sprayed water at fire until it all went out,leaving Zhoumi and the countess who couldn’t see a thing in the pitch darkness but Zhoumi remembered the path to the stairs so he ran as fast as he could up the stairs as soon he saw the dim of light and his friend waiting for him outside,suddenly he heard a scream from behind him and Jonghyun pointed at something and shouted “QUICK! SHE’S BEHIND YOU!!” Zhoumi didn’t even bothered to look back because from the scream,he knew how close she was to him,so he speed up and pretty soon he was outside. Together they shut the door fast enough before Elizabeth could even make it to the door and they quickly dragged a table nearby to put infront of the door. Then they collapsed onto the floor,safe for now.

“we better go tell the others about what happened because from what I could remember,one of the dead girls can walk through doors” Zhoumi said after when he could catch his breath. “yeah,we should” the others agreed and they walked to where the other guys were.


“your kidding right?” Heechul looked at Zhoumi suspiciously after he told their story. “im not kidding hyung,im telling you,we have to get out of here before she catches us and uses us for the ritual” “wait wait wait wait,so your telling us,that this countess,is alive, and that she wants our blood to perform in this ritual to bring her back to life , and that we should get out of this place before we end being her rats?” Kangin asked,Zhoumi nodded and Kangin said “well I believe you,I mean I have noticed strange things happening here and that that bitch is still around but..there’s one problem” “what?” “how are we going to get out of here when our flight back to Korea isn’t in 1 week?” everyone grumbled and Zhoumi just sank down onto his chair,realizing that they didn’t have a way to escape ‘shit,what are we gonna do now?’ . Sssing the condition everyone is in,Leetuek being the leader and the oldest,said “now now,lets have everyone calm down first and then we’ll try to think of a plan ok? Ryeowook,where are you going?” everyone turned to look at Ryeowook who was about to go out the door. “umm…i…for-forgot something upstairs! Right” Leeteuk shook his head “no,im not letting you go out there,it’s dark and who knows?that woman is lurking out there in the dark waiting to strike us at the perfect timing!” everyone shuddered at the thought and Ryeowook muttered under his breath “you know what?,maybe she is” “what did you say?” “n-nothing” Leetuek sighed “is it important?” “yes,very important” “fine,well then let Yesung go with you” Yesung was about to stand up but Ryeowook stopped him “no,I’ll go alone” “Ryeowook-” “it’s ok I’ll be fine” at that Ryeowook left the room, leaving his friends confused. “what is his problem?first he doesn’t like me to call that countess bad names and now he wants to go in the dark alone without realizing how dangerous it is now” Heechul said and Hangeng added “I admit he has been acting weird lately” everyone just simply nodded because they were all wondering now if they would ever make till next week. “when he gets back,we star to think of a plan of how to out of here,for now we should just stick together”.


“how the hell did they escape? I thought I already had Christine to lure them into the dungeon? I have to go talk with the master” Ryeowook said to himself as he walked to the dungeon door,dragged the table out of place,and opened the door.



sorry if thats short,i promis that the next chapter will be long~and so sorry for not beinh in LJ and not posting for a loooong time,i was preparing for the finals but its ok now cuz skool is already closedand guess wat? IM FREE!!!! lol dont 4get to comment ok??? ><
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[fic]The Blood Countess

Title: The Blood Countess

Pairings: SuperJunior/Shinee

Chapter: 3/?

Rating:PG13 (it might give u nightmares)

Summary: SuJu and Shinee are spending their vacation in the legendary “Castle Csejthe” which was ounce a finishing school for girls run by the blood-thirsty 17th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory,during their stay they learned the dark secrets behind the twisted witch and her horrifying history and realize they’re in for a spooky adventure.

Author’s note: its been a looooong time since I’ve been in LJ,sorry but I was really busy about skool n everything,this was inspired by that ghost story about this countess and just thought I’de try doing a horror series. If u want to avoid having nightmares I suggest not reading this and I hope u’ll enjoy this ^^

WARNING: Elizabeth Bathory and Castle Csejthe is a true story,which means it existed before so please respect the story and don’t think too much about it. You can find more information in There is no need to do any ritual or whatever you think you need to do before reading the story.







Chapter 3


The Torture Dungeon



It’s been 3 days since the discovery of Elizabeth’s portrait,the boys though, haven’t  forgotten it. Sometimes when there’re free they spend their free time in the living room,admiring the painting. Whatsoever,nothing strange or beyond the odds has happen during these days .Only a few witnessing of a cold air and chilling noises from the old grandfather clock that chimes strongly at the strike of midnight,the wicked chimes roamed the halls of the corridor. Even though Ryeowook enjoys the sounds the clock is making(saying “a voice of sacred time”)Jonghyun,however,isn’t amused everytime he hears the clock chimes through the night,making him remember the chilling experience he had on the second day since their arrival here. Thinking about it makes him wonder if that woman,Elizabeth,is really back. Like she said she will be before her death. Jonghyun really never remembers every detail of ghost stories,since he doesn’t enjoy them,but this case really caught his interest. He thought about borrowing Leeteuk’s laptop and try researching her in the internet but then again,he wouldn’t want to know more about the sadistic countess,just knowing what a beauty she was during her life time already freaks Jonghyun out.


Whatsoever,Jonghyun thought he might as well try to calm down and forget everything, ’I mean,it could be the wind from outside right?’ yup,things aren’t going well for him right now.


“ah~what a lovely day for a sun bath” Heechul complimented as he looked through the window out to the sun shining day. “Rella,you know your not supposed to sun bath in these castle grounds,its disrespectful” Hangeng said as he walked to Heechul’s side to look at the sunny view with him. Heechul shot him a glance and said “why not?it’s not like that countess elizy Is going to join me,all though she should because sun-bathing is good for you” “well too much isn’t and it’s Countess Elizabeth not elizy” Heechul turned to look at Ryeowook who was sitting on one of the old couches,knitting some kind of a scarf or what ever it is he’s knitting.

Heechul snorted “whatever,she won’t kill me for only mispronouncing her name and it was a nickname because her real name is too long for me to say,besides,shes dead remember?”

Ryeowook glanced at him and said “Elizabeth sometimes kill for no reason and she did say she will be back” Heechul snorted pathetically and said “look,your just overeacting,she just said that to scare people off,you know you can’t have dead people coming back even if they say they would” Ryeowook didn’t look up but said instead “fine with you but you know,anything is possible,like Elizabeth coming back,it can be possible so believe me or not I don’t even give a shit but I believe that she will be back” Heechul was about to argue when Hangeng,who was watching the conversation for a while now,quickly took Heechul’s arm and starting dragging him outside saying “you know what Rella,I think it is a perfect day for sunbath,lets go get your things prepared’ Heechul gave up and started following Hangeng outside. Taking a sunbath was way better than arguing with Ryeowook.


“where is my sun-bathing suit?” Heechul was preparing his things for his sunbath while Hengeng waited outside. Hangeng  though,couldn’t help but suspect Ryeowook’s weird behavior. He’s been acting this way since they came here,acting as though he was expecting that woman,Elizabeth?,to come back. Was it possible that Ryeowook could be......?

“Hannie?yah!Hannie!!” Heechul snaped his fingers in front of Hangeng’s face and Hangeng shook his head out of his toughts. “well don’t just stand there,help me carry my things!” Hangeng sighed as he picked up Heechul’s sun-bath bed and followed him outside,he shook his head again,maybe he was just thinking too much and maybe he should just let it off.


Zhoumi was walking down the corridors,snaping photos with his camera. After a few shots he leaned on the wall and started going through the pictures he took. He was pleased with his photo skills as he was scanning through the pictures,then,something caught his eye. The last photo had been taken of the corridor halls,and as Zhoumi looked closer,he spotted a blurry figure of a small girl,her face was pale and her eyes were big and black,her dress had deep red stains and she didn’t have any shoes and,to Zhoumi’s dismay,she was looking at the camera while she-what looked like she’d been doing-was walking across the corridor to the door which leads to the basement. Zhoumi stared at the picture before slowly turning his head to where he had snapped this photo. There was nothing there. Zhoumi sighed in relief when he suddenly heard a child-like laugh behind him. He swung around but again,there was nothing there. Not wanting to stay at his spot for any longer,Zhoumi turned and ran as quickly as he could until he reached the entrance to the kitchen.


“you’re doing it all wrong!” Key swatted Onew’s hand when he disappointingly,mixed a simple pancake mix wrong. Onew held his hand as he looked back at Key with wide eyes “what do you mean Im doing it all wrong?! I did just right or else it wouldn’t taste normal!” Minho who was watching said “you haven’t even tasted it hyung” Onew shot him a glare before picking up a spoon and scoop up a spoon of the pancake mix. “here,I’ll taste it to proof that I didn’t do anything wrong” Key snorted as he watched Onew eat the mix and smirked when Onew spat it all out and made a face. “see,what did I tell you,you mistaken the salt as sugar,again!!” Onew looked up at Key,tears rolling down his cheeks from the disgusting flavor of the pancake mix. “well,sorry but,it’s not my fault that the people who used to live here don’t even think of sticking labels on their jars!” “that’s because they remember which jar contains what!not like you who,at home,always mix up the ingredients even when I already put labels on it!” “GUYS!!!HELP!!!” all eyes turned to Zhoumi who swung the door open,ran inside and quickly shut the door. As Zhoumi was breathing heavily from all that running Henry spoke up “you look like you’ve been through some kind of war” Zhoumi looked up and replied “I wouldn’t call it a war if I were you” “what was it then?” Zhoumi sat down on one of the chairs and Key quickly gave him a glass of water,when Zhoumi was able to breath normally again,he told his story.

“well,I was taking photos down the corridor and when I looked through the pictures,the last one had something in it that wasn’t supposed to be in it.” Henry spoke “ Heechuls hyung’s face?” everyone laughed at Henry’s joke but Zhoumi didn’t buy the humour. “look,im serious right now alright!so just listen!”everyone quiet down and Zhoumi continued “no,it was not Heechul’s face,at first I wasn’t sure what it really was but when I looked closer,it was a little girl and she looked like she’d been through a war,their were blood stains all over her dress and her face was pale,very pale. And judging from her appearance,I don’t think she’s human at all,I mean if she was we should have known then that there was a person living here but the documents of this place clearly said that this place was deserted and besides,who would want to live in this place?!” Zhoumi banged his hand on the table,everyone else,however,didn’t know whether to believe him or not,then Key said “do you still have the picture,hyung?” Zhoumi nodded Onew gasped “why didn’t you deleted it?” Zhoumi looked up from the table. “Evidence”. Onew nodded and Minho picked up the camera “can we see it?” “be my guest,see it for your self” they all surrouneded Minho and as he came to the last picture,everybody gasped.

“what da hell is that?”

“that is soo not human”

“is she a ghost?”

“whatever she is,shes going to the basement and if we wanna find what the hell is really going on here,I think we should follow her” Onew looked at Zhoumi wide eye “follow her?!what are you insane?!what makes you think following a ghost is a good solution to solving mysteries?!” “I think we should” Key agreed and so did Minho and Henry who just simply nodded,Onew look at them “aww come on!you really don’t think do you?” everyone nodded and Onew sighed in defeat “fine,but if we get trapped I’m blaming you guys” Key sighed and they stood up,before he could forget,Minho turned to poke Taemin on the arm,who was asleep the whole time. “yah~wake up” Taemin sleepishly  look up and asked “where we going?” Minho answered as he help Taemin up “solve a mystery”.


They followed Zhoumi down the corridors until they stopped in front of a big ,dark blue door. Zhoumi looked up at the door ‘just like in the picture’ and Henry spoke up “is this it?the door that leads to the basement?” Zhoumi answered mind-absently “uh-huh” “well then,let’s go” Zhoumi opened the door,it was pitch black. Onew looked inside and said “how are we going to see our way when it’s that dark?” Minho reached into his pocket and pulled out something small “I have a lighter” Zhoumi turned “good,give it to me” Minho handed Zhoumi his lighter and when he started it,they went inside.


They don’t how long have they been going down the stairs(which leads to the basement)because from what they remember,basements aren’t supposed to be this low. Henry however,is complaining “you know,it will probably take us a century to even reach the basement,we’ve been walking for ages now,aren’t we there yet?” Key shot back in annoyance “oh shut up,we’re in castle grounds remember?ofcourse basements during those times have to this low,they use it for hiding” “hiding from what?their dead cat?” “don’t you even learn history?” “guys,shut up!i think we made it” everyone stopped to a halt as Zhoumi proclaimed that they have finally reached the basement. Onew though wasn’t sure “are you sure?” Zhoumi tapped his foot on the ground “yep,no more steps” Henry let out a breath of relief “finally~” everyone came down from the stairs and Taemin pulled something from the wall. Key looked at Taemin’s hand “Taemin,whats that?” Taemin look at what he was holding and replied “I think it’s a torch” Zhoumi turned “a torch?give it” Taemin gave Zhoumi thr torch and when he lit it,the finally get to see a clearer version of their surroundings.


They wouldn’t call it a basement because what they were in look more like a cave,a dungeon. As Zhoumi walked around he spotted another torch on the wall and saw it was connected to a long container of black powder which spread through the whole place. Getting an idea,Zhoumi lit the torch and fire connected with the powder and the fire spread across the room,brightening the room until the sight was very clear.

Everyone stared in awe. “where the hell are we?” Henry asked .

“I think we’re in some kind of a torture dungeon” Henry turned to look at Minho “and what makes you think that?” Minho pointed to what seem to be the center of the dungeon and everyone turned to look.

Indeed,it looked like a torture dungeon,in the middle of the dungeon stood an old-fashioned bath tub with towels surround it and hanging from the ceiling was what looked like a rope used to hang people,other then the rope,there a lot of torture machines in the room,a cage with spikes stocked into it,a large iron ball with spikes at every angle and closet-looking machine with spikes at every angle as well.

Remembering the story of Elizabeth,Key asked “do you think this could be…” “yes it is,this where Elizabeth tortures and kills those young girls,this is were she baths in there blood,this is,Elizabeth’s torture dungeon” Zhoumi said as he scanned his eyes around the room,eyeing every single torture machine that stood in the place. “so she really existed?” Taemin asked as he clinged to Minho for protection.  

“right you are,my darling” everyone turned to where the unexpected-came-out-of-now-where voice was and they met eyes with the person they didn’t want to meet at all.


“hello my dears,how it is a pleasure to have you here”





woah....that was long,4 pages in word!!!!!!!!oh well,,it felt good to be type that much,I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!chapter 4 will take alooong time to think na,im out of ideas~~TT but i will try ma best,,THX 4 reading>< plz comment also><

[fic]The Blood Countess

Title: The Blood Countess


Pairings: SuperJunior/Shinee

Chapter: 2/?

Rating:PG13 (it might give u nightmares)

Summary: SuJu and Shinee are spending their vacation in the legendary “Castle Csejthe” which was ounce a finishing school for girls run by the blood-thirsty 17th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory,during their stay they learned the dark secrets behind the twisted witch and her horrifying history and realize they’re in for a spooky adventure.

Author’s note: its been a looooong time since I’ve been in LJ,sorry but I was really busy about skool n everything,this was inspired by that ghost story about this countess and just thought I’de try doing a horror series. If u want to avoid having nightmares I suggest not reading this and I hope u’ll enjoy this ^^

WARNING: Elizabeth Bathory and Castle Csejthe is a true story,which means it existed before so please respect the story and don’t think too much about it. You can find more information in There is no need to do any ritual or whatever you think you need to do before reading the story.



Chapter 2

The Portrait of Elizabeth


It was morning and everybody was already settled at the dining room,eating the breakfast that Ryeowook , Hangeng and Key help cook.

“so….how was everyone’s night?” Heechl asked,hoping someone would have a scary experience to share,but unfortunately not one had any.

“good,the bed was soft and it was easy to fall asleep”

“the beds are awesome,esp the pillows”

“rocks easily”

Everyone turned to look at Yesung,then at Ryeowook who was blushing furiously.

“did you two?” Onew (had) to ask,they both nodded.

“eew~why did you have to say that?”

“I really don’t need those mental images in my mind right now”

“esp if both of them are you guys!”

“SHUT UP” all eyes turn to look at Kibum who said in return “im reading the paper and you are breaking my concentration!” everyone muttered “whatever” before returning to focus on their breakfast. Shindong then just remembered something and said “actually guys I made a very interesting discovery last night in my bedroom’ bathroom” Heechul quickly looked up and asked “really?what was it?”  Everyone also got interested what was it that Shindong found and Shindong answered “well,im not sure but it looked like some kind of a pice of cloth form a dress and im positive that it had blood stains on it,did some one die here?” Remembering the story everyone turned to look at Ryeowook who choked on his drink before replying nevously “w-well,maybe someone has lived here before but I don’t know what happened to her” they still looked at him,curious so Ryeowook said “look,i didn’t live here before okay?i’ll ask some people here for information,sheesh” they all turned back to their breakfast and Ryeowook sighed in relief  and returned to his own breakfast and the rest of the morning continued as everyone was debating on if their was a hidden treasure and who would find it first.

Jonghyun was walking down the corridors reading a comic in his hand,as he was walking he suddenly felt a strange cold icy wind brush against his face. He turned around,then around again to check that no one was with him. He stood for a minute before he walked again,then he heard footsteps behind him,he stopped and the footsteps stopped,he walked and the footsteps were heard again. He stopped for a minute and slowly rolled his comic book,being ready he quickly spun around and held up his hand to attack the person who was behind him,but instead he found himself face to face with Key who on the other hand,was holding Jonghyun’s cellphone. Jonghyun stared at him wide eye and Key said “what?i brought you your cell,you forgot it in the dining room” Jonghyun looked at his cell that Key handed to him and took it “thanks” “and you can lower down your hand,im not going to bite you” Jonghyun looked at his lifted hand “oh,yup sorry” and lowered down his hand. They stood in silence then Jonghyun remembered the chilling scence he just experience, “Key?” “hm?” “have you ever-” “ARGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” they both shot each other horrified looks before to the running to the living room where the scream had come from.

As they reached the living room they found that everyone was already there and they were looking at something on the wall. Key asked saw Onew and asked him “who screamed just now and what are you guys looking at?” Onew answered mind-absently “Heechul screamed and look at that portrait” Key and Jonghyun turned what everyone was looking at and gasp at what they saw.

There on the wall was a portrait of a very beautiful woman,her skin was a perfect cream color and her hair ,long ,brown and silky was tied up neatly,which gave it the ability to show her perfect shaped face and the woman’s reigning beauty. Her dress was a color of rose red with earrings and a huge diamond necklace to match it. To them,she was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen that they wondered if she ever existed.


After minutes of staring at the beautiful portrait Kangin finally spoke “that is one hot chick” and for the first time Leeteuk wasn’t angry at him. Minho walked up to the portrait and ran his fingers across the soft surface of the painting. “who could this person be?” Henry asked as Zhoumi took out his camera and snapped a photo. Ryeowook smiled at the portrait and replied “that is,everyone,the magnificent beauty Countess Elizabeth Bathory” Minho then turned to look at Ryeowook and said “but I thought you said her story was fake?” by then everyone turned to look at Ryeowook,expecting an explanation and Ryeowook explain “well, I didn’t want to freak you guys out on the first night so I told you guys that it was a fake,but now since you guys saw the portrait and I think its best that you know that truth” everyone nodded and continued to stare at the portrait,then Leeteuk just remembered something.

“why didn’t we noticed the painting when we were in here last night?” Shindong answered him “maybe it was dark that we couldn’t see it or we just to busy talking to notice it” everyone nodded(again) and continued to stare at the painting,as though  they were completely hypnotized by the magnificent painting.

“well,im not scared at her anymore,shes beautiful” Taemin said. Everyone agreed and they spent that next 10 minutes staring at the painting.


Meanwhile,while the boys were staring,a presence was watching them from outside. It was satisfied that the it’s guests were completely hypnotized by the shining beauty of the woman in the portrait,since the woman was the presence itself, but even though the countess was happy that the boys were attracted to her beauty ,that didn’t change her mind of killing them.



Chapter 2 done!you know,I really get the feeling that im less crazy bout sj and more crazy about elizabeth bathory,I dunno why but the woman is awesome that I like her soo much!!!well,gotta work on chapter 3!i hope you enjoyed this chapter and comments are appreciated >< love u~


[fic]The Bloody Countess

Title: The Blood Countess


Pairings: SuperJunior/Shinee

Chapter: 1/?

Rating:PG13 (it might give u nightmares)

Summary: SuJu and Shinee are spending their vacation in the legendary “Castle Csejthe” which was ounce a finishing school for girls run by the blood-thirsty 17th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory,during their stay they learned the dark secrets behind the twisted witch and her horrifying history and realize they’re in for a spooky adventure.

Author’s note: its been a looooong time since I’ve been in LJ,sorry but I was really busy about skool n everything,this was inspired by that ghost story about this countess and just thought I’de try doing a horror series. If u want to avoid having nightmares I suggest not reading this and I hope u’ll enjoy this ^^

WARNING: Elizabeth Bathory and Castle Csejthe is a true story,which means it existed before so please respect the story and don’t think too much about it. You can find more information in There is no need to do any ritual or whatever you think you need to do before reading the story.


Chapter 1



“off all places it has to be here” Heechul whined as the others stepped down from the van. Apparently some stranger convinced Lee Soo-man to let Super Junior and Shinee (DBSK was busy at the time) to spend their vacation at a place called “Castle Csejthe” which is located in central Romania , deep in the Carpathian mountains.Soon after both groups finished loading their luggage of  the van they began to walked to the place they were staying and as soon as they arrived…

“well that looks like some old castle” Kangin commented.

“well it has it’s own kind of charm I supposed”Leeteuk said as he surveyed the outside of the ancient ,creepy mansion.

The mansion was a big brick wall castle-like building with pointy roofs. At the back was a tall tower and it looked like you had to find a secret passage or something to be able to reach the top.With the dark atmosphere covering it, it looks almost like a a scene in a horror movie and you can feel the chill it sends down your body.

Sure enough the sight of the spooky-looking tower send chills down the boys spine.

“that’s it im outta here” Jonghyun broke the silence and was beginning to walk away when Key stopped him. “you cant leave,we’ve already been this far and besides,our plane home is next week” Jonghyun looked at him with whiny eyes and said “and you expect us to stay in that creepy mansion?forget it man,thers noway im staying in that kind of place” “Key’s right Jonggy,we have no choice but to stay here until next week” Onew said as Key dragged Jonghyun back to the group. “well,lets check it out then” Yesung took out the keys to the mansion and unlocked the frontdoor.

They entered the house into the lobby .The room was neglected to say the least. The room had quite a lot of furniture, old as it was. Heechul ran a finger across the antique tables only to have it coated in a layer of dust. On the floor was a very large rug with a pattern that showed it to be very old. It covered most of the wooden floor giving the impression that it was there to hide something. The gang dismissed that feeling as simple paranoia and continued to climb the parlour staircase before them; they stepped carefully as it seemed that it could collapse at any moment.

Once they were upstairs they all went to their bedrooms of choice. All of them contained minimal furniture. Most of them consisted of merely a four poster bed and a wardrobe. Each of them dumped their suitcases in these rooms and went back downstairs to the main living room. It was night and fortunately they had found a stock of wood round the back of the house earlier in the day (as it was impossible to gather any wood now due to the terrible storm raging outside), allowing them to light a fire in the ornamental fire place.

“anyway,Ryeowook I do recall about you telling us thers a story behind this castle and a woman who owns it?” Yesung asked and everyone turned to looked at Ryeowook who blushed slightly when he suddenly becomes the center of the attention.

“well heres how story goes…this mansion was ounce a finishing school for girls in the seventeenth century,the place was runned by Countess Elizabeth Bathory who was the one who opened Geruge Plantation herself. Girls were sent here to learn etiquette but not one came back.” Everyone was soon on the edge of their seats waiting for Ryeowook to continue. “what happened to these girls were terrifying,they were tortured,killed and then Elizabeth had their blood drained out of their bodies so she could bath in them for she believed that young girls blood will make youth last forever” everyone gasps at the statement but urge him to continue.”the authorities soon found out what was happening at the plantation,they had her walled up in her own tower”he pointed to the tower behind the mansion and everyone turned to look then turned back as Ryeowook continued “and she died 4 years later but!!” everyone jumped on their and Ryeowook said in a low whisper. “heres the hooker,before Elizabeth died she said she will be back one day” there was silence when a lighting struck,Everyone jumped and some screamed(Heechul’s the loudest) there was silence when Minho asked “did this really happen?” Ryeowook laughed and said “ofcourse it’s a fake,what?do you think this kind of person existed?” Minho and the others sighed in relieve but still had an uneasy feeling about story especially the tower.Taemin yawned and said in a sleepishly voice “lets go to bed hyungs its late already,Minho hyung would you care to join me?” Everyone wolf-whistled and Minho blush but he knew that there was no way Taemin would sleep alone after hearing that ghost story,so everyone scattered to their bedrooms,leaving Ryeowook,Yesung and Heechul in the room. “so,Ryeowook is that story really a fake or you just don’t want to scare the others?” Yesung looked at Ryeowook unsure but Ryeowook nodded “actually yes hyung,the story is true but I didn’t want to scare the others so I told them it was a fake” Heechul nodded “yeah well,that was good of you to do that,well then im off for my beauty sleep,chao!” Heechul walked with pride to his bedroom upstairs leaving Yesung and Ryeowook together.

“so.. you ok?” “yeah im fine…just a little scared” Yesung smiled and lean in to kiss Ryeowook’s forehead and said “its ok,I’ll protect you I’ll wont let that witch come after you” Ryeowook smiled and kissed Yesung who kissed back.They broke apart after a minuit and Yesung smirked.

“any plans for tonight?” Ryeowook grinned and said “maybe,if your willing” they both kissed before going upstairs to their shared bedroom and locked the door,leaving an unaware presence in the room that was listening to their conversation the whole time.

Even though everyone was sleeping peacefully because they were sure nothing will happen to them through the night(since some of them still thought the story wasn’t true) they weren’t aware of the chille presence,that was watching them,waiting for a chance to strike.


chapter one done!as i said,im really sorry for not being in LJ for a looooong time,ever since shcool started i didn't have the time,oh as for death note,i cant finish it becuase it has a long hiatus so just forget about that one,and as for the requests im still working on it so pls wait..and um...i hope you'll enjoy this one and im sure i will finish this series.thx 4 reading and comments plz??>< oh and...Elizabeth thinggy is real and castle too,try looking her up in google


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Author: sweetmagnae

Characters: Superjunior


KangTeuk and Shindong(I dunno who to pair him up with)okay everyone in sj

Chapter: 2/?


Summary:Siwon cant stand the the criminal world,but he finds the notebook he believes is the key to his success of  changing the world.

Author’s notes:I dunno what im thinking but I really wanted to write this,Death Note is one of my favourite movies and I was taking a shower when this came into mind lol,anyway I just wanna tell you guys that this story will not be the same as the original movie, as the title says this is a super junior version,means I changed the story from the original except the characters and yes,the famous DEATH NOTE book but I actually added a few (ok a lot)more characters. My third fanfic but my first ah how do you call it?chapter fanfic?whateva…I hope you enjoy it^^

He looked at the notebook that was lying on his desk,he didn’t know why he picked it up,he just had the feeling that he should. He looked at the notebook again. DEATH NOTE  it said, Siwon tought it was strange that a notebook would have such name. It certainly couldn’t be a normal book or his sister would already have own one. He just stared at the notebook,he this strangest feeling that this wasn’t a normal notebook. As tough it has super natural powers. Then he remembered the rules in the note book, maybe the rules tells you how to use it Siwon taught. So he flipped the notebook open and read.




  • The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
  • This note will not take effect unless the writer has the persons face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
  • If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the persons name, it will happen.
  • If the cause of death is not specified the person will simply die of a heart attack.
  • After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
  • This note shall become the property of the human world, once it touches the ground on (arrival in) the human world.
  • The owner of the note can recognize the image and voice of its original owner, i.e. a god of death.
  • The human who uses this note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell.
  • If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds after writing the cause of death will be a heart attack, the time of death can be manipulated, and the time can go into effect within 40 seconds after writing the name.
  • The human who touches the DEATH NOTE can recognise the image and voice of its original owner, a god of death, even if the human is not the owner of the note.
  • The conditions for death will not be realized unless it is physically possible for that human or it is reasonably assumed to be carried out by that human.
  • The specific scope of the condition for death is not known to the gods of death, either. So, you must examine and find out.
  • One page taken from the DEATH NOTE, or even a fragment of the page, contains the full effects of the note.
  • The instrument to write with can be anything, (e.g. cosmetics, blood, etc) as long as it can write directly onto the note and remains as legible letters.
  • Even the original owners of the DEATH NOTE, gods of death, do not know much about the note.

Siwon read again and again. The human whose name is written in this note shall die. That rule interested him. What does it mean the name written in this note book will die?or does it mean…..  Siwon got excited,maybe this notebook was supernatural ,but he had to prove it. And he knew how he will do it.


The next day Siwon and his friends were ounce again chatting with each other,only that Siwon was caught up of what he was planning to do today that his friends started worrying about him. “Siwon are you alright? Hangeng asked. He looked at Siwon with a worried look in his face . Siwon shook his head out of his toughts and looked at Hangeng and smiled “I’m fine” but again was caught with his toughts. Hangeng didn’t like that look on his boyfriend’s face so he said “You know Siwon ,I really don”t like that look at all so tell me what is wrong” Siwon didn’t reply. Hangeng shook his head,thinking he probably would leave him alone.


That afternoon Siwon was again walking from university but home wasn’t his destination(yet),he was going back to the bar where he met the man and his friends. However when he got there,the man wasn’t there. Thinking that they might come later he sat down and helped himself with a drink. The waiter realized Siwon from yesterday and he went over to him. “if your waiting for Tablo then don’t waste you time” Siwon looked up.Confused. “who’s Tablo?” “the guy you talked to yesterday and he aint comin’ back here today. He only somes on Mondays and Fridays” disappointed when he knew he had to wait till Friday Siwon got up and left(not forgetting to pay for his drink).

As he was walking he saw the man ‘Tablo’  and his friends at the other side of the railway tracks. He was about to walk over but stopped when the train station turn the signal on that a train is coming. Siwon looked at the three laughing men at the other side,he could do it here,that way they wont notice. So Siwon slowly took the DEATH NOTE out of his bag and a pen and flipped the notebook open to the first blank page. He took a deep breath I know what im doing he tought and slowly wrote Tablo on the note. He then quickly looked up at Tablo but he was still laughing. Few seconds passed by but nothing happened. He sighed disappointed. He knew this was going to happen,he knew that this book isn’t supernatural after all. It was just some stupid notebook some kid left behind. He made a mental note to throw away this notebook forget about but as the train was coming,Tablo suddenly put his hand to his chest and made a face. Siwon’s eyes widened and as the train pass by, Tablo started screaming and slowly sank down to the floor. When it was safe to cross,Siwon went over slowly. When he reached the other side he stopped to look at Tablo who was lying on the ground and his friends shaking his body shouting “Tablo!Tablo!goddamnit Tablo wake up!!” Siwon smiled and started running away from the scene.

A few minuets he stopped and took out the notebook. He stared at it for a few seconds,he couldn’t believe what just happened,this book did have powers, powers to kill people that is but Siwon didn’t care. With this he could kill all the criminals in this country, in the whole world in fact. Siwon smiled at his toughts,yes he could wipe this world clean and make a better place. “happy about your victory?” Siwon jumped when a voice spoke out of nowhere,he turned around but didn’t see anyone. “uphere” Siwon looked up and was shocked of what he saw. A huge creature with big eyes, a long mouth and two earrings in one of its big pointy ears was sitting at the rooftop of an apartment building. It laughed at the shocked expression on Siwon’s face and spread out it’s huge black feathery wings and flew down to Siwon. As it settled on the ground it looked at the
DEATH NOTE Then at Siwon. “w-what are y-you?” Siwon asked,still shocked at the thing in front of him. The creature smiled a HUGE smile(it’s mouth was soo long) before saying


“I’m Leetuek,the original owner of the DEATH NOTE your holding. I’m a God of  Death”



okay...sorry this chappie is a little bit short,im really stressed right now.
hope you guys enjoyed it though :]

COMMENTS are apriciated thank you ><






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